poppy headshot1.jpg

a few things about me...      

  1. i don't drink coffee. never have, never will - blech!
  2. my first name, tiffin, came from my parent's obsession with glass. tiffin is a town in ohio which made tiffin glass.
  3. i graduated from ohio university with an art history degree.
  4. i grew up in pittsburgh.
  5. i love power tools and am hands on in any house renovation.                       
  6. a golf cart is my main mode of transportation 8 months out of the year. seriously, i live in a golf cart community where there are more golf cart paths than roads. i drive it to school to get my kids, the band, the grocery store, you name it.
  7. i have to be barefoot when using a sewing machine
  8. i am a terrible singer – truly awful.
  9. i am seriously allergic to cats among other things.  
  10. i always have a project going and 2 more in the works. sitting still is not in my vocabulary :)



welcome to my artful home, otherwise known as linwood avenue.

my name is tiffin mills and i couldn't be any happier with the life i have created because it is filled with art every single day!

i create out of my studio in atlanta, ga and i have had my hand in more mediums than i can count throughout the years and each has a special place in my heart - colored pencil, sewing, painting, quilling, card making, embroidery, ceramics, you name it. the one constant that has stayed the same throughout all these paths has been my love affair with flowers. they find their way into everything i make, whether it be exact representations or just through their bright color story.

hopefully, during your visit to my creative home on linwood avenue, you will take with you a spark, a desire to try something new. hopefully you will stop listening to all the reasons why you shouldn't create an artistic life for yourself and just jump in and get your hands dirty.

happy being an artist. a dreamer. and a doer.