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pumpkins and red velvet

cookingtiffin mills4 Comments

i was chatting with my friend jessica today about favorite recipes. i thought with the holidays coming up, this would be a good time to post my 2 favorite dessert recipes.

the first is a 4 layer pumpkin cake from kraft. this is so easy to make and the frosting is so light that you don't feel like you are slipping into a sugar coma with your first bite. it is quickly becoming a holiday tradition. i have never been a fan of pumpkin pie and this is the perfect replacement. even my cynical brother (wink wink) approves.

the second dessert is a party table favorite. red velvet cake balls from bakerella. i have never had anything like these little balls, they are so delicious. plus their size is reminiscent of candy bar mini bites. for the holidays, you could use white chocolate and then drizzle red or green colored chocolate over the top. they are time consuming and messy, but are truly easy to make.