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create and work

tiffin millsComment
i love looking at peoples workspaces, it is so inspiring. today i thought i would give you a peek into mine. one thing to understand is i am not a terribly girly girl, but my office is pink, all pink. i am surrounded by 3 men (well, one man and 2 boys to be exact) and i need to have some pink somewhere! my dream is to have an office in a small cottage in the back yard, but for now, i have to settle for our small 4th bedroom. i split my time between crafting and graphic design, so i have areas for each. my desk is from ikea and i absolutely love it. it is so light and open, plus you can store all kinds of things under the glass top which keeps the desk less cluttered.

on the other side of the room is my standing height work table. under the table and behind the curtains lives my enormous flat file cabinet full of paper along with shelves full of fabric. and i can't forget to mention the sliver of crystal chandelier which started it all. this was the first chandelier i rehabbed and is still my favorite one to this day.

i can't pass up these dollar milk glass vases and bowls at yard sales. they are perfect for keeping art supplies contained and i love their aesthetic. in another year, i will probably have 30 of them filled with creative trinkets.

your workspace as well as your home should be filled with items you love. every time i step into my office, i am filled with the desire to create...which is a good thing considering i spend a LOT of time here.