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25 things and me

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the "25 thing list" has been going around facebook these days. i usually never do these things, i delete any chain emails i receive, in fact i don't even read them before i delete. however, i thought this was kind of fun, expect i am taking it to the blogging world. here goes...

1. i don't drink coffee. never have, never will.
2. my first name, tiffin, came from my parent's obsession with glass. tiffin is a town in ohio which made tiffin glass.
3. i love anything apple makes and never touch a pc unless i have to.
4. i am apple tech support for most of my friends.
5. i am the youngest of three, the baby some may say!
6. i grew up in pittsburgh.
7. i met my husband on the millennium new year's. party like it's 1999!
8. i watch far too much television.
9. i love power tools and am hands on in any house renovation.
10. if i had enough money for the first property, i would love to flip houses for a living.
11. a golf cart is my main mode of transportation 8 months out of the year. seriously, i live in a golf community where there are more golf cart paths than roads. i drive it to school to get my kids, the bank, the grocery store, you name it.
12. i wish cross-stitch would come back into fashion.
13. i think martha stewart has a direct link into my brain. every time i start a new project, the next month, it is showcased in her magazine.
14. i am mildly obsessed with recycling.
15. i love eating on outdoor patios. thankfully atlanta has a ton of restaurants with them.
16. i have a gym membership although i hate to exercise.
17. i taught swimming for over 7 years.
18. i took german from 5th grade through my second year of college. can i speak it now? nein.
19. i am trying to cure my obsession with
20. which has led to my facebook/blog obsession.
21. beer is always my drink of choice. i am the girl drinking a beer while all of her friends have a glass of wine.
22. i love reading. pat conroy is my favorite author. i wish he would write more.
23. i am deathly allergic to cats among other things and have gotten allergy shots once a week for 2 years now.
24. i am very clumsy. i have broken 2 bones and at least 10 of my toes/fingers in my lifetime. or maybe i just need more calcium.
25. i have a very supportive family and couldn't do any of this without them.