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art and watercolor

tiffin millsComment
today, i bought my kids these amazing crayola washable watercolors and i am not giving them back! i am telling you, they are the coolest things. there is a small white pad that you wet and place back into the tray, you then wipe the tip on the brush on the pad and then dip the brush into a small hole exposing each color. there is absolutely no mess and no spilled water. the only thing i added for my adult use is that i had a small cup. the brush tip needed to be a bit more wet to blend the colors.

i think i am going to write to crayola and tell them that they need to market this to adults with a few more colors. it is the perfect tool to slip into a back pack when you are traveling and want to get quick sketches. i am absolutely hooked.

please excuse my less than mediocre painting, i am more than a bit rusty!