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bag and ottoman

sewingtiffin millsComment
it is no secret that i have been swamped with design work this week. i always have a struggle between work which pays the bills and craft work which i truly love. design always wins the battle which means that i have art projects in various stages of completion spread out about the house. i finally have a weekend where i can breath, no deadlines looming (well one little one, but it should not take long).

so now i have to pick between an amy butler purse pattern called the weekender which truth be told doesn't look like it will hold much more than a pair of jeans, and an ottoman which needs recovered. i retrieved the ottoman base out of a dumpster (where i find many great things, honestly!) it was covered with the most repulsive faux black stinky leather, but i loved it's lines. i have painted the wood in a high-gloss white laquer and couldn't be happier. now, i need to sew a cover for the foam pillow that fits on top. the overall fabric is the green you see and i will pipe it with a sunny yellow polka dot. i also have plans for some pretty fancy buttons, but you will just have to wait and see how it all turns out. my biggest problem is finding and purchasing upholstery tacks, anyone have suggestions?