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pride and photography

etsytiffin millsComment
i am so excited to finally be getting my etsy site up and running! the talented jessica from peachtree photography was over yesterday helping me get the perfect lighting for my lamp photos. i just love this shot. i had my laptop open all last night just so i could catch glimpses of this soft feminine beauty. i want to blow it up and put this photo on my office wall, that is how much i love it.

so today i thought no problem, i would shoot my remaining 12 lamps and in a flash they would be posted to etsy. wrong, wrong, wrong :) if i had not seen jessica take this photo from my camera, i would not believe that my camera is capable. nothing worked for me today. i tried it with morning light, afternoon light, bathroom light on, bathroom light off. and not one of the 100 shots i took, ever came close to this softness.

time to register for camera classes!

in the meantime, check out and let me know what you think.