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thrifting and a fabulous find

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this is part 2 of my yard sale obsessed entries. whenever i am at my mom's house, i eye a large oval mirror she has. shortly there after, i am always reminded that my brother has his name on it when the time comes. do other families stake claim to favorite pieces such as ours??? anyway, i new that i wanted a frame such as this for my house, so i always kept my eye out for one. about 3 years back, i was at a great thrifting store in atlanta called "my favorite place" and yes, it is definitely one of my favorite places. it is the kind of store where you have to dig, really dig. there are desks piled upon desks with vases stuffed in the drawers, rows and rows of great finds just waiting to be uncovered.

one weekend i was in the store and came across this mirror, it was perfect! i did have a bit of a hard time painting the beautiful wood, but shabby white is more my style. so out came the paint brush as it usually does. this mirror is the perfect fit for the small wall in my entry hall. perfect for a quick last minute check before heading out the door.