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traveltiffin millsComment
what is it about a brand new issued passport in the hand? it somehow calms the itch to travel that has been swimming around in my head lately. the feeling that once again, i can go anywhere. the fact of the matter is that when you have small children, you simply are not as portable as you once were. i have shied away from traveling, really traveling with them because now there is so much more than just me and a backpack. i am sad to part with my old passport, the one that held so much opportunity for me. i remember the spring in athens, ohio when i was 20 years old. heading down to the one and only mall (if you could call it that) which was comprised of a sears and not much else. i spent the afternoon shopping with a dear friend and getting my passport photo taken in an old school photo booth. that summer, 3 of us were headed in different directions. one to new zealand, one to costa rica and i was going to london. we were just a bunch of college kids and the world was wide open to us. it will always remind me of my love of travel and to never, never be content with my life as it is because there is a huge world out there and experiences yet to be experienced.