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etsy and branding

etsy, graphic designtiffin millsComment
i feel like i am finally back into the etsy groove. there is definitely a balance to this whole thing. take lots of photos, post lots of items, but spread out your postings. this is something i did not realize at first. i loaded all my wares at once and they just sat and sat. i am now fully on board with listing a new item once every few days.

i have talked about my dual life as a graphic designer and it helps me out so much with my current endeavor. i want to help crafters understand that you are not just selling a product, you are selling a whole brand. if your artwork is beautiful, but the look of your shop is not tied together, it reflects on the brand. it is like going to an interview in your pajamas. i am a firm believer in having one logo and one logo only, stick with a color scheme, type in all caps, use the same descriptive word over and over, whatever it is, stick with it and don't veer off path. i know i take it to the extreme, i even dress myself in Linwood Avenue colors on festival days, but a good brand will do wonders for your business.