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lists, lists and more lists

tiffin millsComment
do you ever feel like your lists go on for days? there are so many things that i want to do for my business, so many accomplishments that i want to check off the list, however i keep finding that time is not on my side.

i have the basics done...
- create a logo - check
- create a website - check
- open etsy shop - check
- create and update blog - check
- sign up for festivals - check

but then there are the extras that i am so excited about, but either can't find the time to devote to them or don't know where to start. such as...
- twitter (
- call stores for local distribution
- investigate the local expo mart
- work on book idea
- and basically create more inventory!

that's it in a nutshell. easy, right? would anyone like to volunteer to be my nanny or housekeeper. i could pay you in some really amazing lamps :)