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martha and me

tiffin mills3 Comments
no, no, i am not on martha, yet. but i am officially closer to her than i have ever been. the martha stewart site is running a promotion for the next few months called "calling all crafters". the prize is a copy of her new book "encyclopedia of crafts". truth be told, i could buy the book myself, it is the exposure i am really after. i uploaded 4 of my photos and they run on a loop on her website. there i am, at the bottom right (if you couldn't tell by the circle i drew). i daydream a lot, so in this dream sequence, i am imagining someone from the craft department looking over all the entries and stopping in their tracks when they see one of my cards or lampshades. the employee then moves heaven and earth until they get me on the show as a guest crafter. how cool would that be!!! this daydream sort of goes in the same category as my dream that one day i really will win the lottery. not a dream, but something i really, truely believe.

if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and vote for your favorite craft. or upload some of your own. i'm not afraid of a little competition :)