Linwood Avenue

reuse and recycle

thriftingtiffin millsComment
i am rejuvenated! it is spring break here, so after a movie (for the kids) we went thrifting (for me). there are 2 thrift store in riverdale, ga that i have been dying to go to. the stores are right next to one another and the trek was well worth it. lately, i have been feeling that i need to get away from amy butler fabric. while the fabric is absolutely beautiful, it is not my creation. i need to turn this business into me and only me. the rows and rows of sheets and their beautiful patterns drew me to them. truth be told, i got the idea from my friend jessica, but i only chose the patterns she didn't want :) seriously folks, what is better than beautiful fabric at around 50¢ a yard. this is going to be my new hobby, scouring thrift stores for beautiful cast off sheets. this way, i can turn my Linwood Avenue palette into what i want and have entire control. it doesn't hurt either that i am reusing something rather than letting it end up in the trash. it only takes one person to look at something with an entirely different eye to see it's beauty and worth.

i can't wait to see what the sheets above turn into!