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sewing and some more sewing

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i am completely addicted! i can't stop sewing. i think about sewing morning, noon and night and i am not embarrassed to say it. i checked out anna maria horner's book "seams to me" from the library last week. it is a great comprehensive sewing manual and includes many great patterns. although i am still not sure if i am allowed to cut up the patterns included in a library book? anyone know the answer to this??? i have been diligently tracing the patterns onto a roll of white kraft paper and cutting them from there.

the apron above (which is in desperate need of a good iron) is one of the projects in the book. it came together easily and i love the finished project. it is made from a very lightweight jean material and one of my thrift store sheet finds. i thought using sheets as fabric was great because of the price, but today i discovered another perk. the sheets are so huge that i didn't need to seam anything together! not for the apron tie and not for the piping.

my 4 year old was home sick today, and he loves helping. usually this is kinda annoying to me because i just want to get the project done. however, today he was pretty cute being my assistant. until he went for my scissors. my "fabric only" scissors. is anyone else neurotic about their scissors? i have one pair marked for fabric and nothing else is allowed to touch those babies. i learned this from my mom. i can clearly remember her sharpie imprinted "fabric only" scissors taunting my brothers and i from the top of her sewing table. i mean, what was the big deal if i grabbed those to cut my dolls hair or to turn paper into confetti? i never understood why they
were so precious. until i learned to sew... now, i know :)