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time wasting and easter

holidaytiffin millsComment
i had a huge list to get through today.
1. 5 hours of design work
2. clean all bathrooms in house
3. get allergy shots
4. go to home depot
5. go to target
6. shoot photos for etsy
7. paint new bathroom
8. go thrifting for more sheets
9. finish new amy butler purse pattern
10. organize the kids hall art closet

did i mention that it is also spring break and one of my two munchkins has the flu???

so what did i decide to do with all my non-existent free time? i decided to play hokey from all my responsibilities and bake easter cookies. for years i have been searching for the perfect sugar cookie recipe, one that actually holds its decorative shape after baking. i have finally found it!!! but little did i know the recipe is not crucial. the important part is that once you cut out the cookies, you need to put them in the frig for about 10 minutes so the dough can harden back up before you bake them. and voile! crisp clean edges on my little easter bunnies.

i especially love the sweet little chicks.