Linwood Avenue

cotton pickin fair and finds

thriftingtiffin millsComment
if you noticed the countdown to the cotton pickin fair on my side bar for the past few months, you may have noticed that it has been replaced. the fair was this saturday and i had a wonderful time yard saling. the first few years i lived here, i actually visited the fair, which is a great day in itself. it is reminiscent of fairs from years back; clogging, antiques, fried apple pies, well worth the trip. until one day, i realized all the yard sales that were happening. picture one stretch of country highway full of yard sales for 15-20 miles. that is when i ditched the actual fair and have made a bi-yearly ritual of hitting the sales.

i picked up 8 little firestone white bowls, perfect for separating small art supplies, a vintage globe for my son and among other things, this pair of beautiful milk glass lamps. i had planned on rehabbing and selling them, but i don't think i can part with them. they are so sweet, and as a bonus, they have a nightlight in the globe part. a little tlc and some new chrome fittings and they will be good as new.

i have been talking about yard sale finds with my friends a lot lately. the euphoric feeling you get when you find an item that speaks volumes to you. what is your favorite find?