Linwood Avenue

love and marriage?

tiffin mills1 Comment
have i mentioned yet that i live in a golf cart community? i really must start tagging posts so i can remember what i have written about. oh well, for those just joining me, i live in a golf cart community. a place where there are more golf cart paths than roads, teenagers are given golf carts on their 16th birthday instead of cars and most days you will find me running errands on my own blue cart. munchkin number 2 and i set out this morning for the post office and then to lunch with daddy. the paths are so peaceful, this one circles the lake and is a beautiful 2?? mile loop.

i came across these drawings that a man, let's call him jim, left for his special someone, lets call here, oh i don't know, dawn.
is it her birthday, is he really missing her...
or wait, maybe this is a well planned out proposal that i am witnessing, or...
maybe jim is just hungry :(

let's hope he proposed to her at dinner ;)