Linwood Avenue

spray paint and a good day

etsy, thriftingtiffin mills1 Comment

today started off bright and early with a country estate sale - one of my favorite things! i bought so much milk glass (which i use to hold my art supplies) that the estate sale lady thought i was going to resell them on ebay!

then at another sale i found a great 2 tier chandelier which has been transformed into a hi-gloss red masterpiece. i absolutely love, love, love it. when it is completely finished, i will show you a larger photo. it is so satisfying to work on a piece the same day it was bought. usually my finds sit in the corner of the garage for months until i get around to them. but i am feeling the crunch of fall festivals so i need to get my butt into gear.

sprinkled somewhere in there, i managed to put some more coats of pink onto another chandelier and the first coat of yellow onto a patio set my mother-in-law graciously bestowed on me.

definitely a great start to the weekend!