Linwood Avenue

linwood avenue and savannah

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i'm back! not just on the internet, but mentally as well. i feel like i have traveled more this summer than i have for the past 10 years and it has been so rejuvenating. for the holiday weekend, we packed up the kids and drove to savannah, georgia for one last summer hurrah. i have been here many times before and the city never loses its charm. it seems like time passes more slowly by the water and that was something i needed - just a few days to relax and soak the sun in.

whenever i am in savannah, i visit one particular antique store which i can never remember the name of, but it is on the far left side on top of river street. 10 years ago, i saw a glass hand glove mold i loved, but for some reason i didn't buy it. so when i went back 5 years ago, they still had it and now it is in my possession. during that visit, i ran across old street signs and even though there was one that said Linwood Avenue, i passed it up. so, on this visit, i went directly to the section that housed the signs and lucky me, they still had the Linwood Avenue one. i mean, how could i pass it up again, it is my company name after all! i guess it is lucky for me that the store doesn't move their inventory very quickly :)

now off to hang the sign on my office door!