Linwood Avenue

names and history

tiffin mills1 Comment
i often get asked "where does the name of your company come from". so if you have ever wondered, here's the story...

i have always had an entrepreneurial crafting spirit in me, the problem is that i am never focused on one particular craft for very long. about 6 years ago, i embarked on a children's stationery company which specialized in party invitations, baby shower invites, etc. i wrote down any and every name for a business i could conjure up in my head, but nothing stuck. every name was either too cutesy, too hard to spell, or too specific to stationery. if you haven't ever had to do so, know that naming a company is probably one of the hardest things to do. EVER.

then one day, i was paying bills and looked down at my return address and it hit me to name my company after the street i lived on. 1729 Linwood Avenue was the first house my husband and i purchased together. it was built in 1924 and we put our blood sweat and tears into renovating it. it housed us during the birth of our marriage and the birth of our two boys, so why not have the birth of my business centered around it.

even though my products have grown from custom stationery to lamps and other items, one thing sticks - what i create is for your home, which makes Linwood Avenue the perfect "umbrella" company name. plus, from day one i have thought the words/logo would make a perfect store masthead. (on my day dream wish list, owning a store to showcase my creations is pretty much on the top of the list. although i don't want to work on saturdays. something tells me i might have a problem there!)