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a little love and a flower sticker

etsy, thriftingtiffin millsComment
i bought this table at a yard sale in the spring. i already have an old metal typewriter table, the kind where the sides fold up, that i painted red as a bed side table for my son's room. when i saw this table, i knew i had to have it as well, plus the $3 price tag didn't hurt. the coolest part is that you can pull up on the black handles and the table folds in half, very easily and it becomes really skinny. the top of the table did come with some rusty scratched parts, but i thought i could spray paint it and all would be good. upon closer inspection, i decided not to spray paint it because the entire piece is held together with grommets, not screws. because of the grommets, i wouldn't be able to take it apart to get a clean paint job.

instead, i ordered a lovely vinyl flower decal from this etsy store and positioned it so the decal covered as many of the scratches as it could. i also had some left over white vinyl mini circles that i placed around the top for more visual interest.

i love how it turned out, i am just bummed that i didn't take a close-up before photo!