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office and christmas sneak peek

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i have been busy moving my office downstairs this week, that is when i haven't been asleep in bed! my old office was in an extra bedroom upstairs, and the new space is in the front living room downstairs. i wasn't sure of the idea at first, but now i love the space. sunlight floods the room and i actually want to be more creative in this room - which is a struggle for me these days! it's not all finished, but i have added some photos as a sneak peak.

the huge yard sale lamp i blogged about a few weeks ago has received a new coat of white paint and some crystals and looks perfect on my glass ikea desk.

a few years ago, we built bookshelves which line one entire wall of the room, which i am very happy about since i have a lot of art supplies!

and here is my first order of creative business in the new space. i have a holiday show coming up at the end of november and i hope the shoppers love these christmas tree ornaments as much as i do. the old sheet music and metallic pipe cleaners create such a vintage look.