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what in the world?

tiffin mills2 Comments
i make it a point not to put my kids on this blog, but this time, i couldn't resist. i pick my cute adorable munchkin #2 up from pre-k yesterday and they handed me an envelope full of photos. let me state for the record that these are photos we did NOT purchase and did NOT even know they were taking. in fact, we are kind of an oddity that we don't have professional photos of our kids taken. i prefer a candid journalistic style when it comes to photographs and am actually quite frightened by any posed ones i see, and rarely if ever buy school shots. that being said, seriously, what were these "professionals" thinking! munchkin #2 told me that the pants slipped on over the ones they were wearing. phew! for a second, i envisioned 20 little kids stripped down all waiting for their turn in these polyester pants. honestly, i can't stop laughing. this has got to be the funniest thing i have ever seen. from the grecian stand to the fake ivy to his bare feet it is a total train wreck.

but i have to admit that my little ones cuteness still shines through.

oh, and the best part, my husband tells me that when i was in london, they called him into the school to show him different shots they took and one pose had my son at a baby grand piano in this outfit. to quote rachel zoe, "i die"!