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aprons and another show

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i have been working hard to get ready for another show on sunday, november 29th from 1-4 at serenbe in palmetto georgia. if you have never been here, it is definitely worth the trip. this community is simply beautiful and inspiring and i could not do it justice by explaining it here - you'll just have to come out and have a look for yourself.

last night the productivity bug hit me and i finished all 20 craft aprons that i had cut. seriously, it feels so good to check things off my list that i don't know why i ever procrastinate! these aprons are a big hit with the vendors at each festival i attend. at the end of a show, when everyone is packing up is when i am the busiest with crafters running over. they are perfect to hold cash, checks, pens and your cell phone while you are selling your wares.

whatever doesn't sell will be available on my etsy site the beginning of december. that is, once i find someone to model them for me. my current model is preggo and probably won't want to wrap these things around her belly!