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doors and jewelry

decoratingtiffin millsComment
i have an affinity for glass doorknobs, i always have. they add such warmth and are the perfect jewelry for french doors! i scoured a bunch of atlanta flea markets and didn't find any so i bought these off of ebay. although they aren't perfect (like the description said they were :), they are definitely better than any reproduction that i could have bought at home depot. the metal finish is perfectly antiqued and they are the right size for my narrow office doors.

my office move into our (old) downstairs living room is almost complete. we had french doors installed to keep the munchkins out and i am just getting around to painting them. i used to be able to paint all day every day, but since my experience with our first house which was barely 1100 sq ft and included 14 doors (no lie!), i must say i hate painting doors. and yes, hate is a very strong word as i am constantly reminding the munchkins, but i really hate it! so it might take me more than a few days to finish these babies and add their jewelry, but after that, it will be time to unveil the new space. which, have i mentioned, i love, love, love!