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junk and pearls

thriftingtiffin mills2 Comments
my friend joy and i hit a local estate sale today and had so much fun playing dress up (that's me on the left). i am definitely not a girly girl who spent her youth dressing up as a princess, but in my adulthood, i definitely have a weakness for shoes and jewelry. when miss jean passed away, she left the most gorgeous jewelry. the lady who ran the sale said that she was married 3 times and had no children. by the looks of her closet and the amount of crystal decanters for sale, she must have lived one hell of a life.

we each picked up some fabulous pearls which were love at first sight. i told joy that i need partial custody of hers since i had the misfortune of her eyeing them first. we are very diplomatic about not fighting over pieces. what else are you going to do when you shop with someone who has the same taste as you!