Linwood Avenue

sales and storybooks

thriftingtiffin mills1 Comment
i spent my morning heading to an estate sale that was a total bust. hardly anything for sale and it was all under a tent in the driveway. maybe it's just me, but isn't snooping inside of the house one of the main reasons to go to an estate sale! what i did find is the cutest little storybook house a little bit down the road. the entire house is probably the size of a one car garage, maybe smaller, but oh so cute. i dream of one day having an office in a space like this. a building all to myself that has a commute no longer than the walk across my yard.
since i turned up empty with the sale, i made a pit-stop at the local goodwill and found these adorable sheets. the sheets have the sweetest trim and i must say they are calling out for me to make aprons out of them. i can see it now, the trim running along the bottom of the apron with a hand stitched floral pocket.