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sweaters and felting

craft, thriftingtiffin mills2 Comments
i've had some sweaters hanging around since high school and yesterday i put them to good use! felting is something i have wanted to try for a few years now and i am so excited that i finally jumped in. i researched a couple of different techniques, but it is really as easy as washing a few times on hot and drying. it does clog up your washer a bit, so if this becomes a new hobby for me, i might take my sweaters down to the local laundromat and ruin their machines.

the sweaters were all different - the pink one, i ran through the washing machine twice and the one on the far right went through 4 times. i guess it all depends on the individual sweater.

now if you'll excuse me, i have a lot of christmas ornaments to cut out of this beautiful felt.