Linwood Avenue

tiffin millsComment
only 16 more days until christmas. yikes! i spent the day photographing items for etsy. is it just me, or do you think photographing and editing your wares is the most tedious process. it takes me forever to get motivated to drag out all the props, lighting, etc. i am so envious of the shops that sell the same items over and over again. they can relist as they please without taking new photos. but i guess the process of making the same item over and over again is the tedious part for them!

on another note, i absolutely love the advent calendar that my munchkins have been using for the past few years. this is from the martha stewart collection at michaels and unfortunately, i don't know if they are even for sale anymore. i bought one and then went back after christmas to buy up the rest for years to come. if you do happen to find these this holiday, one tip, use double-sided sticky tape to assemble rather than the glue included in the package. your holidays will be much less stressful!