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i can't believe my youngest munchin is 5 tomorrow! shortly, we are headed to the local jumpy place for his party and the house is full of excitement. i must admit that i like the planning part of the parties rather than the parties themselves. i typically go crazy with cakes - i love making (or attempting to make) crazy cakes for them. this year, after much searching with the youngest, we decided to have a campfire party. i found the cake instructions on and the cake was pretty easy to make. and i am sure the kids won't mind all the frosting i had to use to cover up my mistakes. seriously, this cake is loaded with frosting! the recipe calls for pound cakes, because they are really dense and easier to stack, but i cut a 13x9 cake in half and doubled it up for each log.

as part of the goodie bags, i loaded the kids up with sugar in the form of smores kits. i simply filled clear bags with 2 graham crackers, one hershey bar and a handful of marshmallows.

in addition to the smores bags, i ordered mini flashlights, glow in the dark bugs and campfire sticker scenes to put in each bag.

love party planning and pulling everything together. my only wish is that my boys birthdays were in the summer so i could have the parties at my house and really go crazy!

what was your favorite birthday party from when you were little?