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a baby shower and lots of love

craft, decoratingtiffin millsComment
today, along with 3 other girls, i hosted a wonderful baby shower full of love for JoyAnn over at JoyaJewelry. it was so much fun creating crafty decoration items, i found that i couldn't stop. the banner above says "congratulations" on one side and "it's a boy" on the other. i used mailing cards found at an office supply store and tons of glitter. the best part of the banner is the sweet little white and silver glitter birds which hang from the bottom. they were a christmas decoration find from target, but i think they can be useful year round. i'll be posting a tutorial for this banner soon, so stay tuned!

my friend jessica made these cupcakes with the most amazing wrappers. she actually hot glued doilies together to make them - such a good idea!

this is where i get a little obsessive. i bought some scrapbook paper, cut it into strips and taped it to water bottles to cover the ugly label. they blended into the party seamlessly.

and last, but not least, the guests walked away with small bags of sugar cookie birds. i stamped a message onto each card, and glued a fabric heart to the back. loving the look of the over sized cards tied to the simple plastic gift bags.

there was so much good food (thanks kim and jessie), laughter and friends. it was a great afternoon all around.