Linwood Avenue

the beauty of paint and a little love

decorating, office, thriftingtiffin mills2 Comments
i now have a dedicated area for sewing and i couldn't be more thrilled! a few month's back, i bought this sewing machine table from a yard sale for $15. the lines scream retro 60s office furniture and it has 2 regular sized drawers and 1 extra large drawer i am using for scraps. i decided to bite the bullet and have it professionally painted this time. i have refinished a ton of furniture in my day, but the finish never seems hard enough and i definitely want this piece to be around for a long time. ross refinishing in atlanta did the custom lacquer paint job and it turned out excellent. it's as shiny as a department store makeup counter. of course the paint color needed to match my Linwood Avenue brand, so i chose "myth" from pratt and lambert. below is the before picture when it was in desperate need of some love.