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estate sales and a very high, high

thriftingtiffin millsComment
i headed out to a local estate sale yesterday morning and it was the worst of the worst. the sale where you walk in and immediately smell smells that don't belong in any ones home, and see stains on the carpet that shouldn't belong in any ones home and you feel sorry for the person who once lived in this house and you have the need to flee on the spot. i walked around for 2 minutes and met this woman who promptly told me about an insane estate sale she had just come from.

i mentally jotted down the foreign directions to a street i had never hear of and somehow miraculously made it there. let me tell you that this estate sale made my day. there was more glassware and dishware in this house than i have ever seen in my life. i mean, this woman could have run a catering business with all the serving pieces she had. my two glass collections are fenton hobnail milkglass and fostoria's americana pattern. i think the above glasses are real fostoria and i almost fainted when i saw these glasses and their price tag. i bought all 18 tumblers for $18 total! seriously, these retail in antique stores for $10-$12 each - i couldn't believe it. i wanted to wrap and bag them up in fear that someone would come around and tell me they were mis-marked.

i left with this acrylic owl napkin holder in my bag as well. i couldn't leave him without a home. in addition to glass, this woman had a huge obsession with owls. owl clocks, owl trivets, owl salt and pepper shakers, owl planters. you name it and it was for sale in owl form.

the craziest part is that this sale was not a true estate sale. the owner did not pass away - she merely got married and her husband told her that he had everything they needed and he wasn't letting her bring any of her s**t to his house. hilarious!

oh, and i am probably going back tomorrow, i am a tad bit obsessed :)