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snowtiffin millsComment
"snow" has finally made it to georgia. yep, this is it, and guess what, pretty much every school within 50 miles of the city has been canceled. not a one hour delay, not a two hour delay, canceled for the whole day! (can you tell through my sarcasm that i had a lot planned for today :) i jest, i jest, i know that ice is the real issue here, but when it's called a snow day, shouldn't there be a bit more snow.

actually is is pretty cool to see how excited my little munchkins get. they bundled themselves up in their snow gear which is used once a year and made it outside by 8 a.m. and were back inside by 8:17 a.m.

i have vivid memories of sitting in front of the tv before school hoping that the foot of snow we got the night before would be enough to cancel school. but somehow it never was, full school cancellations in pittsburgh were hard to come by, typically just an hour or two delay. but that is what we were used to. it snowed and life went on. so whenever it snows in atlanta, i have to chuckle a bit to myself at the mass hysteria.

i love living in the south with the sun and warm weather, but sometimes it weighs heavily on me that my kids aren't growing up with seasons. they will never put plastic bags on their feet before putting boots on in order to water proof them. they will never spend all day sledding until their fingers and toes are so numb that they are forced to come inside. they will never know the agony of standing at a bus stop for so long that when the bus finally comes, you hate to bend your leg and feel the touch of frozen jeans against your skin. but the one thing snow brings that i absolutely miss the most is how the nighttime sky takes on a peaceful glow - the moon glistening off of freshly driven snow will put a smile on my face every time!

what is your favorite part about a truly snowy day?