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swag and solutions

thriftingtiffin mills1 Comment
this swag lamp was purchased over a year ago at a yard sale and i just got around to beautifying it this past weekend. well, actually 2 were purchased - one orange and one yellow, but my husband broke the yellow one, oops :) new wiring, new chain and a little white spray paint and i thought this swag was beautiful. i had dreams of reintroducing the swag lamp to society. but now i am not so sure.

my bedroom has orange accents which makes it blend in perfectly. it is hanging over a white circle ikea side table which sits next to a leather couch. i like it, but there is something that reminds me of a bug light. you know the kind with the crazy color that zaps bugs and no matter how much you try, you can't stop looking at the bright light? when this is lit, all you can see in the room is this glowing orange globe. so, help me out... to swag or not to swag? that is the question.