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blanket and a baby

sewingtiffin mills1 Comment
my friend stephanie lives in chicago and is having her first baby. she has very modern tastes and i knew that she would have a hard time finding cute items for her baby boy. she is pulling photos from her safari honeymoon to decorate the nursery with and once i saw this chartreuse animal print fabric, i knew i had to make her a blanket. the blanket is backed with white chenille and trimmed with a black and white polka dot. i am still new at quilting and quite intimidated, but this was really easy. i quilted on the chenille side and simply followed the lines of the fabric.

many of my friends think binding is scary, but it is not at all. i folded 3 inch strips in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and sewed the open ends onto the animal print side. then i folded the binding over and slip stitched it to the chenille side. do this 4 times around the quilt and you are finished!