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bookmarks and a good read

etsy, sewingtiffin mills1 Comment
i have been on a bookmark making binge these past few weeks. bookmarks are a perfect small gift and are a great use for all your left over odds and ends. when i was in college, i made them all the time. the materials of my bookmarks have ranged from metal, to paper, to fabric and now i have settled on felt. last year, i went to a warehouse sale (lucky me that they are based in atlanta) and i found yards and yards of this great army green felt. i think i bought 5 yards for about $3 or something ridiculous like that. it knew it would be the perfect background for a ton of projects, so i couldn't pass it up.

festival season is gearing up and i plan on having a bunch of these for sale. trees, flowers, apples, owls, birds and whatever else i can think up!