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botanical class and a tulip

botanical class, colored pencilstiffin millsComment
ok, so i said i would post the good and the bad, but last week was really bad. i drew a tiger lily on a large sheet of paper since my instructor thought i should go bigger. i hated how it turned out, and lucky for me, the page was too large to put in my scanner. this drawing was difficult for 2 reasons. 1. my pencil marks are not refined enough for a large sketch and 2. going larger means it takes more time to complete. but, unfortunately, you don't have a ton of time with cut flowers because they change their shape and die all too quickly. at least 30% was drawn from my memory which turned out to not be working at it's full potential. the best part about not being graded by my teacher is that i don't have to listen to everything she says. which leads me to...

my tulip, and i am in love! the sheen on the tulip and the brightness of the green leaves really came out in this drawing. i think i have a very defined style going on here - you could say i am becoming a flower portrait artist :) i really like working small, i always have in all areas of my creativity, and i like what i am producing. sometimes i think it is ok to perfect one style before you move on to another. right???