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colored pencils and a budget

colored pencils, drawingtiffin mills1 Comment
ok, so i splurged. i bought the whopping 120 set of prismacolors which are not too cheap i might add. we have been buckling down our budget for a while now, so i was feeling a bit guilty. but to quote my husband "these are the things you should be spending money on". is he trying to say that art supplies are more important than my new boots or bag???

anyway, they are lovely and helped me out so much with my tulip drawing. yes, technically you only need a few colors on the spectrum to make any color you want. but i must say that technically, it is so much easier when they are already "mixed" for you.

the pencil case came from cheap joes and is so much better than keeping them in the original tin. it has 2 sleeves, so all 120 fit and it zips up really tight. perfect for traveling.