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a snow day and no snow?

snowtiffin mills1 Comment
what a strange day it has been. last night we got the call that school was canceled. the forecast for georgia was only 1-3 inches. as a girl who grew up in pittsburgh, the insanity of canceling school was once again puzzling to me. no valentine's day parties for the munchkins and no work to be accomplished by me!

we woke up in the morning and guess what - no snow. 10 o'clock came and no snow. 12:00 came and no snow. eventually at 2:15 (5 minutes before school would have let out) it started to snow. and it hasn't stopped, it really is coming down in sheets. my mind is already making a check list of the hibernating we will do tonight as a family while the outside world is turning white. movie, fire and popcorn - perfect. my absolute favorite thing about the snow is how bright the world looks in the middle of the night. the quite calm of my glowing front yard is what i am looking forward to the most.

and the fact that grandma is taking the munchkins all day tomorrow doesn't hurt my mood either :)