Linwood Avenue

springtime and a spruce up

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with all this warm weather, i am definitely having spring fever. this mirror hangs over my sewing table and used to sport a dark green hanging bow. it was ok, but was a hold over from the days when my office was our formal living room.

with a thrifted pillowcase, i started sewing. i have a fondness for second hand sheets because they are so, so very soft and pliable. 6 inches folded in half with a .5 inch seam means i ended up with a 2.5 inch wide scarf. while sewing, i tapered the ends so they ended in a point. the mirror is actually hung with wire hidden behind it, so any visible hanger i use is merely for show. i threaded the new scarf through the back of the mirror and then tied a knot on top of the vintage wood finial.

that's it, spring has arrived!