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thrifting and some light

thriftingtiffin mills4 Comments
so i have a confession to make - i am mildly obsessed with the show american pickers on the history channel. yes, they are a bit goofy at times, but i love that they get to see what is inside random barns on the roadside. all to often, i have driven on a country road and seen a yard loaded with junk and i just wish i could spend the day scouring their acreage. my dream for a long time has been to buy a country house from a little old lady who leaves me her entire attic packed with "junk".

last week, the show had a little segment on old lanterns which is kind of funny since i have been longing for one myself. when i went junkin on monday, i found this lantern for $6! the name embossed on it is "little wizard" and it will make a great decorating item. the wires around the globe are a bit bent up and i don't think it is very old at all, but i love it. now the question remains whether my munckin will confiscate it for his room or if i will keep it.