Linwood Avenue

ugly and yet somehow pretty?

thriftingtiffin mills3 Comments
i went to the 2 huge thrift stores in riverdale today and found some great stuff. festival season is about to start up again and i am concentrating my efforts on find good booth staging items. i believe that the props you use in your 10 x 10 tent is as important as the items for sale. i want to give the impression of a mini store instead of having a few things sitting on a table. my original fabric table covers shrunk considerably when i had to wash them after a particularly rainy festival - sorry mom! luckily, i found vintage curtains that have a crocheted border trim which match my business cards exactly. some plain white sheets will lay over the table first with the curtains on top. i hope the look will be unique, memorable and sweet all at the same time. i also found a hutch/headboard type of thing which will house my lamps. hopefully getting them off of the table top and showcasing them at different eye levels will make them more noticeable.

i couldn't resist buying this lamp for $1. the glass globe's interior is painted with a color similar to orange sherbet. i will throw away the gross cord and fittings and pair the orange globe with some crystal pieces. can't wait to see how it turns out.

oh, and munchkin #1 thinks the pattern on the glass looks like pieces of ham:)