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critiques and photography

etsy, graphic designtiffin mills1 Comment

for a good number of people selling on etsy, including me, photographing your work can be a rough experience. there are many sites giving you tips and tricks, but the truth is that often you can't visualize what is wrong until you see your competition. picclick is a convenient etsy/ebay cataloging site where you type in what you are looking for and it pulls every item thumbnail for sale that meets your descriptions. no matter if your search turns up 10 items or 500, every thumbnail will appear on one page. ONE PAGE folks - no longer clicking through a ton of pages!

for photography research, search for an item you sell and be as descriptive as possible. i chose "large lamp shade" and the above shot is a sliver of what turned up. i now know that:

A. it really is hard to photograph lamp shades creatively!
B. my photos are a bit too gray
C. i am one of the few who show the entire shade in their image, and really like how mine are cropped.

which means... i am off to search out tips on lighting!