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sewing and a new stitch

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at this point in my life, i have pretty much tried every artistic/crafting technique out there. well, maybe not every technique, but sometimes it feels like it! from printmaking to ceramics to bead loom work to painting, i am often pretty confident that i can find my way through. except with sewing machine stitches. for some reason, i only use the straight stitch on my machine and treat all the other stitches like a foreign land where i don't have a passport to travel. until last night.

i have been wanting to make flower appliqued pillows to offer in my shop for a long time, but that zig zag stitch was simply too threatening. irrational, i know, but true nonetheless. last night i was inspired and dove right in and guess what, not scary at all! in fact pretty darn easy, as long as you move slowly.

and the good news is, i love how they are turning out, but you will have to wait and see :)