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supplies and decorating

decoratingtiffin millsComment

of all my studio supplies, i think my mat cutter might be the most indispensable. a few years back, i received this logan compact cutter as a birthday gift from my mom and i would be lost with out it. not to mention - broke! it is a crime how much professional framing costs.

decorating is a big part of my life and i love to find inexpensive ways to get great artwork on the walls. my go to place for artwork is calendars. typically a calendar is under $20 and you can find some great ones showcasing a series of similar prints. when we moved into this house, i knew i wanted to line the walls of our hallway with artwork and was thrilled when i found a beautifully printed calendar with a bird/botanical theme.

i used 8 months worth of art and bought some inexpensive ikea frames. then i went to work with the mat cutter. it is so simple to use, and very durable. i think the finished product came out just as great as any framing shop, and it definitely makes a statement when you walk into the house.