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and yet another piggy bank

thriftingtiffin millsComment
remember this post when i found the most endearing piggy bank? i passed it up due to it's $24 price tag which i thought was really steep at the time. but for some strange reason, i keep thinking about that obnoxiously large and a bit tacky pig. yesterday during a random antique store stop, i can across another one! i couldn't believe it. this one is half the size and had a price tag of $18. it was labeled as a 1971 new york piggy bank, and the plastic stopper had new york embossed around it's rim. the store had very reasonable prices, so now i am thinking that the original one i saw really was worth the $24.

i passed this one up as well, hoping to find some more on ebay, but no such luck. anyone know anything about these piggy banks?