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ttvtiffin mills4 Comments
jessica came over today and we got a head start on building my ttv tube. in my research, i discovered that there are no set rules for your tube. some of the more popular building materials are cereal boxes, a pringles can, a mailing tube, black board and/or duck tape. i chose a pringles can because i like the fact that i can cap off the top of the tube to keep dust out of the camera since i removed the lens cap on my brownie. due to the zoom range of my digital lens, i ended up cutting off the bottom 2-3 inches of the can. being closer to the brownie lens meant that more of the old dust and scratches were picked up in the photo.

a few minutes of trial and error, and i am already ecstatic about how the photos are coming out. it is a bit awkward framing the photos since what you see in the view finder is flipped, but other than that, the entire process has been really easy.

this photo of the wisteria in my yard is my favorite so far. it makes me want to sip some mint juleps!