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fabric and a new scheme

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saturday, i left the munchkins at home with their dad and i went on an all day fabric excursion. atlanta has a few discount fabric stores, and if you can handle the drive and scavenging, you can find some really great stuff. the first store i started at is deep, deep discount - $2 a yard or $2 a cut. for the cuts, you pull and sort through piles of fabric. some of the cuts i found had to have at least 6 yards in them and you guessed it, $2 for the entire 6 yards. now, this store is not one you go to for the key piece of fabric you are looking for, this is more of a curtain liner, pillow backing store. but for the cost, you can now afford to splurge on your main fabric.

my family room had never felt quite right to me. it is a dark room, and it just doesn't have the same lively decorating style as the rest of my house. i have 2 of the above chairs, plus a chocolate brown couch. i love the chairs, i really do. i always say that they are so ugly they are pretty. know what i mean? anyway, i have 3 super large floor pillows that the munchkins lay one. currently they are covered in a burnt orange fabric which, yes, do match the chairs, but it just isn't a fun fabric.

at the second store, a bit pricier at $5.99/yard (i'm getting crazy now!) i found this awesome chartreuse geometric. it is really thick upholstery fabric and now, finally, i can see where i want to take this room. i have sewing plans and a fireplace painting plan and hopefully i will be back soon to show you the result!