Linwood Avenue

branding and booths

festivalstiffin millsComment
when i am prepping for a festival, i often get way into branding and displays. turning your 10x10 booth into a true store front can make all the difference in your sales. the goal for my "store" is to turn it into a room of a house. if i had a truck, you can bet that i would be carting around a brightly painted hutch with drawers on the bottom. my lamps would be placed on the top shelves and spilling out of the drawers, would be my aprons and pillowcase covers. i am also on the hunt for a 10x10 sisal rug to ground the space. since i don't have a truck, i settled on this child's bookcase headboard. i found it at a thrift store for $10 and painted it a bright blue taken from my logo.

the front panel was a perfect spot for some Linwood Avenue branding. the panel measures 40"x6", so i designed a logo strip on my computer and then printed it out on 8.5x11 sheets of paper.

to do this, you can set your printer to "tile" your pages. once they are printed, trim off the left and right sides so your images will butt up against each other.

i then took super 77 spray glue and adhered the pages to the front of the shelf.

and voila! a custom branded piece of advertising for very little money.

but, make sure you add adequate supports if you intend to position this on a table. if you don't, you might cry like a baby when the wind knocks it off straight down to the asphalt during setup and cracks the entire piece. so sad, so very sad :(